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My Hero Magic Towel




“Absorbs like a sponge, sucks up liquids like a vacuum, dries like a towel, and reusable.”

An average person spends over $300 per year on paper towels. Stop throwing your money in the garbage! American consumers use 3000 tons of paper towels everyday and it takes 51 trees to produce 3000 tons. Save 51 trees per day, and conserve the planet, and your money!

Made with quality in Germany. The high-quality absorbent material works better and absorbs 30% more than any other chamois. As a Chef, Vinni Villicano knows how important it is to have efficiency when cleaning up spills or drying off surfaces so he uses the best material to get the job done, bar none!

All Multiple Uses

  • KITCHEN: Absorb spills, dry off dishes, counter tops, floors, and surfaces in the kitchen.
  • BATHROOM: Use as a towel to dry off yourself and all bathroom surfaces.
  • LIVING ROOM: Picks up and absorbs liquid spills-milk, wine, beverages, pet urine, etc.
  • BOATS, CARS, AND RVs: Great for drying off your washed vehicles.
  • DOGS & CATS: Great for drying off those furry pets.

Instructions for Use

  1. Thoroughly wet the Camo-Chamois with water until it is soft and swells then ring out the water before any use.
  2. Hand wash or machine wash in cold water and mild soap, no bleach. Best soap is Woolite brand. DO NOT DRY IN DRYER - hang dry for extended life of the product.
  3. For best results press and wipe into all spills. (For Carpet spills: fold the cloth 2-3 times and press into carpet by hand to get deep spills out of the carpets.

My Hero Magic Towel is backed with 10-year warranty.


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