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Chef Vinni's Professional Non-Stick Sue Chef's Sushi Knife




Slicing raw meat, fish and cheese with conventional cutlery requires more time in between each and every slice because the food sticks to the blade and must be removed before the next precision slice, but not anymore!

Just like quality non-stick cookware, Chef Vinni’s 8 inch non-stick Chef’s Knife is Hawaii’s sushi & Poke Chef’s dream.

1. Slices raw meat, fish and cheese thick or razor thin without sticking to the blade.
2. Chops any raw meat and veggies fast and easy with precision.

• Anti-microbial and ergonomically designed large handle.
• Triple tempered and hardened titanium/surgical stainless-steel alloy blade forged with a non-stick surface.
• Air hole release innovation.
Unconditional Lifetime warranty.


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